Private Yoga Lessons – A Review

Ever wondered about private yoga lessons? Here’s a recent review from one of my students, Danielle, shown here making tuck headstand look easy!

Since my first private yoga session with Nikki I feel blessed to have her in my life.  Not only has she introduced me to the wonderful world and power of yoga, her beautiful personality and persona presents her as my councillor, coach and cheerleader during that valuable hour each week, through her yoga teaching.  Taking the time to understand how I’m feeling when attending each session enables her to pitch the hour perfectly so if I am feeling a little down, she lifts me up, a little tired, she energises me and if suffering with sickness, makes me feel a whole lot better through the power of yoga!

In way of my personal yoga technique, Nikki’s tailored approach to me and my body has enabled me to progress quickly in way of flexibility and strength and enabled me to enjoy my own yoga practices at home while evolving each week when I meet with Nikki.  She always keeps it fresh and interesting while taking me on a steady progression so I feel that I am achieving improvements week by week.

Both physically and spiritually, yoga has bettered my life in all areas and I have to thank Nikki for that gift – so thank you!.

Thank you Danielle!

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