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As we slowly re-enter the world and some semblance of a normal life, it’s time for me to take my yoga classes back to the studio, albeit with some changes, including a move to an online booking system.

I’ve taken the decision at present to only move my Tuesday classes back to the Trinity Centre as it’s a large space in which we can practice social distancing. I will not, for the time being at least, be taking Thursday night’s class back to the Bakehouse as it’s too small to be practical and I have no wish to turn students away.

Having thought about it, I think this is a good plan; for those that wish to return to the studio there are the Tuesday classes to choose from, and for those that would prefer to remain at home for your practice then you are free to do the Zoom class on a Thursday evening. Please feel free to switch your regular class if necessary. I hope to be back in the studio for Tuesday classes from the week beginning the 14th, if this changes then I will, of course, let you know.

There will, of course, have to be further changes to comply with Government recommendations and standards for safety. I’ll send a separate email out regarding the guidelines for new practices when physically attending the studio. For now, I’d like to acquaint you with the changes which will affect all students going forwards, regardless of studio or Zoom attendance.

Please note that no changes come into effect until next week beginning the 7th of September.


With a need to stop taking cash payments, stop physically handling Class Passes and to manage bookings more effectively for limited class sizes, I will launch an online booking and payment system next week. The system will allow you to book your class, cancel if necessary and make online payment. You will be able to login and see the remaining classes left on your class pass.

You can see the new booking system here on my Timetable.


You will notice that I have slightly increased both the prices for a drop-in class and a class pass to reflect the fees involved in moving to the new system and taking online payment. You all know I hate increasing my prices, but it’s been a while and they still offer good value against other classes in the area. You can still pay from week to week if that’s what you prefer, or have a 10 class pass, just as before. Whichever payment option you prefer you will need to create a booking each week for each class that you wish to attend.


For those of you with current class passes, please visit the site at any time this week and book yourself onto your preferred class for next week (beginning 7th September). Select the class from the left-hand side and then click on ‘Select’ next to the drop-in ticket:





Then click on the underlined ‘class pass’ to see the following:





Press ‘Select’ and then ‘View Selections’ to see:






Click on ‘Book Now’. On the next screen enter your email address and press ‘Continue’ to enter your contact details to continue again. You will then see:






As you have already purchased your class pass, put a tick in the box to ‘Agree offline payment terms’ and press ‘Complete Booking’.

Finally, on the resulting screen:







Click the ‘Set a password’ link to save your information and make it easier to login next week.

This will have booked you into the class for next week and created your pass. I can then manually edit the number of classes left on your pass to reflect the correct number.

You can login to the system at any time to see how many classes you have left on your pass etc. Going forwards please do pay online rather than use the offline payment option.


This will not be an issue for next week or ongoing for a Thursday as I don’t need to limit class sizes when working online, but I will have to restrict numbers for safety in physical classes to fifteen students only.

Therefore, I have introduced a three-hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to attend and don’t cancel before that time period, then you will still be charged or have a stamp deducted from your pass. Additionally, I will be offering a waiting list so cancellations will be offered to those on the waiting list in turn.

I would encourage you to book onto a class for the following week as soon as you know that you want to attend to avoid the waiting list or being unable to get a space in your chosen class.

I hope you all understand the reasons for the changes; if you have any issues at all then please do let me know.

Lots of love,


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