Sutton Coldfield Yoga Teacher

About Me and My Yoga Philosophy

My name is Nikki and I’m the Unlikely Yogi, a yoga teacher in Sutton Coldfield.

How I Became a Yoga Teacher

I had practised yoga on and off for fourteen years before attending a yoga retreat in Bali. It was the beginning of 2014 as I celebrated my 40th birthday. As I enjoyed the yoga, the teacher and the view from the yoga shala, it came to me that I wanted to train to become a yoga teacher.

At the time I was an IT Consultant, working long hours, driving countless miles and spending nights away from home each week. However, I had always been a closet hippy, doing yoga, meditation and writing behind closed doors.

As I embarked on the course later that year, I had no intention of actually teaching any yoga classes. I did the course to develop myself and to make yoga a permanent, regular and core part of my life.

Starting to Teach

As I approached my graduation date a friend asked me to set up a yoga class at her Four Oaks Studio, and to my surprise, I loved it.  I soon added another yoga class in Sutton Coldfield, and the rest, as they say, is history. View details of my Sutton Coldfield yoga classes on my Timetable.

Teaching Experience

I have a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher qualification which is recognised and accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (EYT) with over 2000 hours of teaching experience. I am fully insured and First Aid Qualified.

Why I am the Unlikely Yogi

Just in case my chosen name of ‘Unlikely Yogi’ doesn’t quite explain it; I don’t take myself too seriously. At the same time, I take my role as your yoga teacher incredibly seriously. This manifests usually in a relaxed and fun atmosphere in my yoga classes where I indulge my dreadful jokes and taste in music and we practice yoga safely while enjoying each other’s company without pretension.

There is a method in my madness; many students feel self-conscious attending yoga, particularly in the early days, and I find that my approach helps them to let go of their fears and integrate into the class. My intention is always to welcome students and to make them feel comfortable enough to let go of their inhibitions and practice in a safe and friendly environment.

Don’t be fooled by my approach; I have eyes like a hawk and will spot a misaligned knee or an unsafe balance from fifty paces – your health and safety is my highest priority.