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Don’t miss out on yoga just when you need it the most …

For five years I have been strenuously resisting having to appear on video teaching yoga. Remember when you used to record yourself on a mix tape and couldn’t stand the sound of your own voice? Well, it’s like that, only I’m wearing skintight lycra.

But there’s nothing like a pandemic and every one having a meltdown to press your buttons; we are all having to do things that we could never imagine and make changes¬† that we could never have anticipated.

If you’re anything like me, what’s going on could be making you anxious and upset; we are all shaken up. Frankly, the only thing that made me feel better this weekend was getting on my yoga mat.

And so, I’m biting the bullet, closing my public classes for now with much regret, and moving my full schedule online. Zoom is an easy to use video conferencing web site or app and if you’d like to join us from the safety and comfort of your own, possibly deeply spring-cleaned home, then let me know.

I usually charge ¬£8 per class, but to acknowledge that some of you also may be self-employed and facing a reduction in income, I’m happy to offer my online classes at the reduced price of ¬£5 per person. Please only pay what you are comfortable paying.

Whether you join me or not, I hope that you’re all safe and happy, as are your families and friends. Yoga can provide a safe haven from the troubles of the world, and that’s what I hope to offer, but I also know that love and cuddles from loved ones go a long way, so I wish you many of those.

Much love to you all,