What happens in a yoga class with the Unlikely Yogi

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What happens in a yoga class?

People often ask me what I would call the style of yoga that I teach, and I always reply Hatha Vinyasa, which means absolutely nothing to about 99% of people. If you would like to find out more about all the distinctive styles of yoga and what they are called then head over to Google where you can read all about it.

What I mean when I say ‘Hatha Vinyasa’, is that my classes tend to flow from one pose to another, moving with the breath. We often take several breaths in key poses before moving to another, so it’s far from Power or traditional Vinyasa yoga. Sometimes we stop for giggles, and sometimes to repeat a pose or break it down if it seems appropriate.

My classes are open to all levels, though for Absolute Beginners I run a short course to get them up to speed, as most of my students have been with me for some time now and the class is tailored to their level of ability.

Having said that, most of us are normal men and women with normal bodies so I would describe my class levels (and my own practice) as beginner or intermediate, not advanced.

Whatever your yoga level and however long you have done yoga, my approach is always to encourage each student to be on their own mat, working at their own level, each student feeling able to take a break should they need it, or to try a variation on a pose that would suit them better – regardless of what other students may be doing around them.


What to expect

I start and finish on time, and if you’re late you can sneak in quietly. We do a warm up, mostly seated, sometimes reclined. Then, we get warm. Sometimes there are Sun Salutations or other stronger, standing flow based practices to get the blood flowing. There’s a further standing section then, with lunges or balances, or other poses following the theme of the class. There’s the odd child’s pose or rest pose thrown in, but if you need one and I don’t give one, take it.

About 35 minutes in we usually transition into a winding down phase, moving to the floor for deeper stretching, peak poses (something we have worked towards all class), twists and suchlike. There’s a good relaxation. I give a guided relaxation and then I leave you in peace for a few moments. Finally, I rouse you gently, and we close by chanting OM three times together. I do this rather tunelessly but confidently, before closing.

unlikely yogi adjusting her yoga student in twist


As your teacher I offer personal attention, guidance and gentle physical adjustments (with permission) during class. Most people have a weak area or sometimes a minor injury and I can offer advice.
yoga student smiling at teacher


I believe there’s no progression in practice if a student is self-conscious in a pretentious environment, so my yoga classes are fun and relaxed and accessible for all students, whether absolute beginner or long-time yogi.
two yoga students laughing


Familiar faces during practice soon become friends who enjoy each other’s company both in and outside the yoga class. Regular workshops, events and social activities only deepen these bonds between yogis.