Why Practice Yoga with the Unlikely Yogi

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Why practice yoga?

A consistent and balanced yoga practice will affect you physically in many positive ways, increasing your flexibility and improving your strength and balance and coordination. Many people come to yoga to counteract the negative effect of our sedentary lifestyle, or to improve an injury or to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.

Yoga’s benefits reach far beyond the physical, the breath control involved in the practice, the focus and concentration often required, and the relaxation and meditation that’s involved can improve sleep, decrease stress levels.

Yoga often reaches far off the mat and outside of the yoga studio; you’ll find yourself sitting taller in your car, your posture improved in the queue in the supermarket, or taking three deep breaths when dealing with an awkward colleague.

I can’t tell you how it achieves all of this, but it does. I call it the Yoga Magic or the Yoga Smug (particularly applicable after yoga in the morning).  It starts with feeling a little taller and more grounded in your body right after class and before you know it, you’re addicted.

I never feel more strong or confident than when I’m on my yoga mat. Like a veritable yogi bad-ass. I like nothing more than seeing this feeling shining out of the eyes of my students. Yoga takes you out of your head and then takes your head out of your ass and puts you firmly back in your body. As it does so, you land right here in the present moment, alive, connected and feeling good.

yoga students doing cobra pose


Working with the poses will make you stronger, and not just physically; Yoga connects you to your inner strength through commitment to your practice.
yoga teacher adjusting student


Improved physical flexibility is another component of the practice, but just as with your body, your mind and emotions also become supple.
yoga students relaxing in savasana


Mental space, peace and clarity are a welcome side effect of a regular yoga practice and are felt throughout, but especially in Savasana, our rest at the end.