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Absolute Beginners Yoga

Absolute Beginners Yoga Four week course – No Dates at Present

I run a weekly yoga class for beginners – find more information on the Timetable.

Have you always wanted to try yoga but feel too intimidated to come along? Are you worried that everyone else is flexible while you aren’t sure you can touch your toes? Join me for a unique short course of yoga for Absolute Beginners to learn all of the Yoga Basics to prepare you to join an open yoga class with confidence.

This series of four workshops is for a limited number of students so that I can guarantee personal attention. We work at a steady pace and only Absolute Beginners are allowed. The most common poses are broken down in detail and adapted for your body’s ability and fitness level and you will also experience restorative yoga poses and meditation.

Come and give yoga a try in an informal, relaxed and supportive environment. In keeping with the Absolute Beginners theme of the workshops, it’s accompanied by an 80s soundtrack. The cost including all 4 workshops and a high quality yoga mat (colour of your choice from Yogamatters) with a yoga brick and belt and a yoga mat bag all-inclusive is £89. 

It can be nice to hear from someone else who has completed a course like this before you commit, so please read the review from Louise to help you to make your decision.

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