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Workshops with the Unlikely Yogi

I currently offer two styles of yoga workshop at regular dates throughout the year:

Yoga Basics for Absolute Beginners

Next dates: TBA

Have you always wanted to try yoga but felt too intimidated to go? Worried that everyone else is flexible while you aren’t sure you can touch your toes? Join me for a unique short course to learn all of the Yoga Basics to prepare you to join an open yoga class with confidence.

This series of four workshops is for a limited number of students so that I can guarantee personal attention. We work at a steady pace and only Absolute Beginners are allowed. The most common poses are broken down in detail and adapted for your body’s ability and fitness level and you will also experience restorative yoga poses and meditation.

Come and give yoga a try in an informal, relaxed and supportive environment. In keeping with the Absolute Beginners theme of the workshops, it’s accompanied by an 80s soundtrack. The cost including all 4 workshops and a high quality yoga mat (colour of your choice from yogamatters) with a yoga brick and belt and a yoga mat bag all inclusive is £89. Please complete my booking form to book your place, a non-refundable deposit of £25 is required to secure it and the balance is due 7 days before the first workshop.

It can be nice to hear from someone else who has completed a course like this before you commit, so please read the review from Louise to help you to make your decision.


Mini Retreat Afternoon

Next Date: TBA

We’re going to sweat and stretch our bodies for about an hour of Hatha Vinyasa yoga then blow and expand our minds and spirits with meditation techniques. A snack and some tea will accompany making new friends and enjoying the company of other yogis before yin and restorative yoga to leave you relaxed and free of all worries and stress to go home, probably for an amazing and deep night’s sleep. Yoga isn’t just about the asanas – the poses – and next time we’ll be delving more deeply into my favourite parts of the practice; the self-acceptance, deep rest and meditation, and how you can take them off your mat and out into the world. All after a juicy physical practice of course!

Take some well-needed and deserved timeout from your life with open-level flow and restorative yoga to ground you in your body. For your mind and emotions there’s meditation, and the all-important biscuits in the wonderful and supportive community of your fellow yogis.

If this will be your first workshop with me then please complete the booking form which I will need along with your payment to confirm the place. Payment details are on the form.

Further dates in the pipeline, check back here for updates or contact me to be on the mailing list and first to know.

yoga student using a bolster for half moon pose

Go Deeper

A workshop allows you to get more individual attention to deepen your practice and find ways to use props or adapt poses to suit your body and it’s current ability. 
yoga students laughing in happy baby pose


Attending a course or workshop is a great way to make new friends with similar interests and extend those friendships outside the yoga studio.
yoga student in wild thing pose


Workshops allow you to discover different ways to try poses or perhaps manage a pose that at one time would have seemed impossible.